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Customer Feedback
What would any business be without a little self-promotion? Here are some reviews from the web...

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And some feedback from happy customers via email...​

  I received the saws today. Truly amazing work. I just spent time cutting some dovetails with them and they are smooth,and easy to saw with. They go thru the wood like butter with a nice small kerf. They follow the knife lines beautifully. You are a master at your craft. They are my new go to dovetail saws. They cut better then I thought they possibly could. You are my go to saw guy. The plate looks great,like it belongs on that old a saw.Thanks again for the great work. Now it's time to put these old girls back to work. 



Thanks again for removing and re-installing the back, cleaning and sharpening the Simonds 28" x 5" back saw! The restoration of my vintage Stanley No. 358 Mitre Box is complete! You are right it is a supreme user! 

Awesome! I received the miter saw this afternoon and I tried her out on some red oak and she flew through the wood and left a glass smooth finish! I agree filing miter box saws with 25 degrees of fleam is the way to go! Your the man!




Received the saw yesterday and does it cut GREAT! I tested it on a 1 x 1 chunk of Hickory. It cut very quickly and left a very smooth surface. Thanks for the great job! You will be hearing more from me in the future.

Thanks again.



Hi Matt,
Got the saw in the mail.... SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEETT!!!!!!!!!!!!
That saw is f--------- MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
WOW. I had no idea a handsaw could do that! I crosscut some oak and maple rough stuff I have lying around, and it's really unbelievable! And tracking?! With no marks and just by eye the cut was straight and virtually square in both planes--NOT perfect, but WOW. Fairly effortless too. OK, I'm hooked.
I really want to thank you, Matt. You've opened up a whole new world for me. Just awesome!


Just got the saw! Actually it was about two hours ago - I've been out there with it since then.  
Holy crap! I never new what a saw was supposed to feel like when it was working properly - I had no idea it would be so easy to cut with.


Hi Matt,
I received my saw a few days ago. I finally had a chance to try it out today.
I am extremely happy with how it came out! With the new plate it cuts like a dream.


Hi Matt,
Thanks again for the awesome work on the saw. It cuts like a dream. I can’t wait to actually make something with it. 


Got the saw this afternoon and its cuts like a dream....really smooth and no drag at all. The cut was true for the entire depth of the blade.  
Thanks again
keep the pace


Hi Matt -- The saw arrived today. Absolutely amazing! I tried it out on some red oak, which it cut like nobody's business. Nice job restoring the handle, too. Great work.
Thank you very much.


Matt - I received the saw yesterday afternoon. Tested her on a douglas fur 
2x6 and she tracked straight and true...nicely done! 


  Got the saw in the mail yesterday afternoon. Cuts like a dream. She sings beautifully as well. Immediately brought it down to the shop and crosscut and ripped some pieces I had that needed trimming. Really makes it clear that having a properly set and sharpened saw makes things so much more enjoyable. The length is perfect for my saw bench, and love how "warm" and well fit the handle is. You've certainly raised the requirements for any future saw purchases and relegated a fair number of my old and abused full size saws to the junk bin.