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Peddar's Old Ladies

Peddar is a saw maker in Germany. He and Klaus make some of the most beautiful works of art. This blog chronicles Peddar's work with saw filing and restoration.
North Winds Toolworks

Kevin builds saws in the old style...a truly amazing historical study of form and function.

The Disstonian Institute

A pioneering site with everything you need to start your obsession with the Henry Disston and Sons legacy. 

Bad Axe Toolworks

Mark Harrell's impressive site dedicated to his awesome saws. Mark is quickly expanding his range of custom made backsaws for the Progressive Luddite.

This is the only web forum dedicated to handsaws. Ray Gardiner, the creator and host, lives Down Under and is a wealth of handsaw info. The saw makers forum is a particular favorite. A must for any saw lover!

Two Lawyers Toolworks

Klaus and Peddar (Old Ladies...see above) make saws in Germany. They are fast developing a reputation second to none.

Peter Follansbee

Peter just might be the coolest woodworker in the world. He works in the 17th century (almost literally) and his work is inspiring. I just can't seem to get enough of his stuff.
Adam Cherubini

I have learned so much from Adam. I think his his work is vastly under appreciated. Working in the 18th century style, Adam has made a wonderful committment to illuminating a period that is almost unknown.
Lost Art Press

Chris Schwarz and the company he launched to redefine woodworking. Drink the know you want to... ;)
Hyperkitten Tool Co.

Josh Clark is hands down the best vintage tool dealer in the world. If he can't find it, chances are they never made it. ;)
Eccentric Toolworks

Andrew Lunn's work is beyond words. He raised saw making to a level that no one ever has before, or may ever again. If you love saws, his site remains the most inspiring place to visit on the web.
Blackburn Tools

My friend Isaac Smith is quickly developing a fantastic reputation as not only a great saw maker, but a skilled designer and engineer of saws, saw related tools and much more. A must see for the saw enthusiast.

I have been doing business with TGIAG ever since Dom Greco started cutting 1095 steel saw plates in his garage a couple years ago. He and his partner are dedicated and personable. 
Jarrod StoneDahl
Jarrod Stonedahl's work speaks for itself...truly breath-taking! His spoons are drool worthy.
John/Jennie Alexander

The incomparable, the one and only, the god-father of the green woodworking revival in America.
Robin Wood

The name says it all. There can be only one!
Mike Abbott

You could say I have a green fetish. Its pure, its natural, everyone is doing it. And Mike is English, which makes him at least 50% more cool than you and I.
David Fisher
The first time I saw David Fisher's bowls was the day before I started teaching myself to carve green wooden bowls. But his work is so gorgeous that it also makes me want to take up sewing.

Tim Manney

Tim is fast becoming one of my favorite woodworkers. I have had the fabulous pleasure of talking to Tim on a few occasions and he is as knowledgeably and talented as he is friendly. And he's got to be the friendliest guy I've met in a while! :)