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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read these before sending any saws for sharpening or repair!
Sharpening and Repair Services

How do I send my saw to you for sharpening?
First make sure you read all of the FAQs on this page. Second, ensure the saw blade(s) is/are clean, rust free and polished. I do not offer cleaning services and there is no point sharpening a saw that is caked with rust or grime. See below for cleaning instructions. Then, send me an email at [email protected] with some details about your saw and what it needs for services. Once I have confirmed that you can send your saw in, you can ship it via US Postal Service to:  
The SawWright - PO Box 6231 - Warwick, RI 02887

What is your current turn around time for saw sharpening?
I keep an updated estimate of my current turn around time on the Sharpening and Repair page. 

How much will it cost to sharpen my saw?
I use a flat rate pricing system for fairness and transparency. The updated pricing list is on my Sharpening and Repair page.

Can you repair/restore the handle on my saw in addition to sharpening it?
No. I do not offer any repair services for saw handles. Your best bet is to find someone you may already know who is a woodworker and ask them for help.

How should I pack my saw for shipping?
Pack your saw using biodegradable packing materials like newspaper, cardboard, craft paper etc. and pad it well in a large box, or several small boxes taped together to accommodate the saw's length. Don't flat pack it in any kind of envelope....this does not provide any impact or crush protection. DO NOT USE ANY STYROFOAM PACKING MATERIALS....If you send a saw in Styrofoam I will not open it!!! (Sorry for the yelling....I just hate that crap and it gets everywhere!)

Can I remove the handle of my saw and send in just the blade for sharpening?
No. I test each saw after sharpening to ensure it cuts perfectly and I cannot do that without the handle.

FedEx/UPS won't ship to a PO Box, can you give me an alternative physical address?
No. By shipping via USPS you ensure that your package of saws will not be left at my doorstep where opportunistic street punks can swipe them, or where rain/sleet/snow/locusts/flooding/zombies, etc. can potentially ruin them. With the PO Box your saws stay inside and safely waiting for me at the post office until I arrive to pick them up. All of the post office staff know be by name and provide extra special care to my packages because they know I am famous (everyone else's crap they kick around and sit on during lunch).

Can I drop my saws off in person if I don't want to ship them?
Yes. If you live locally or don't mind driving you are welcome to drop them off at my shop in Warwick, RI. Please contact me first to schedule a time.

When and how do I pay for sharpening services?
No payment is due until the work is complete. When I receive your saw I will send you an email with a quote for the work asking you to confirm. Your saws go into the que and when the work is done I will send you a PayPal invoice via email. You can pay with a credit/debit using the PayPal link (you do not need to have a PayPal account). 

Can I send you a bunch of saws I don't want and trade them in for credit towards sharpening another saw?
No. I do not accept saws as payment for a number of reasons: 1) I already have too many saws, and 2) It ensures I am not taking advantage of you by concealing the value of a saw and tricking you into giving it to me for little to nothing.

General Saw Questions​

How do I clean an old saw?
Use any kind of abrasive and a solvent. I like Simple Green cleaner and 400 to 600 grit sand paper. Go as fine as you like on the paper and then metal polish. Coat with paste wax when clean and buff to a shine. Don't use oil or any only attracts moisture and dirt.

How much is my old saw worth?
I have no idea. I do not provide appraisal or value assessments of any kind. If you are more interested in the monetary value of your saw than the functional value of it as a tool then you are talking to the wrong guy.  

I am looking for a nice user saw but don't know where to start. Can you help?
I do not sell saws any longer. If you want to find good user saws I can personally vouch for several outstanding tool dealers who always have great saws available, including:

Josh Clark at Hyperkitten Tools
Pete Taran at Vintage Saws
Pat Leach at Supertool
Jim Bode at Jim Bode Tools

What brand of saw files do you use and/or recommend?
I use and recommend Bahco and Corradi files. They are available at Tools For Working Wood and Lee Valley.