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Sharpening and Restoration Services

Sharpening: This includes setting, jointing and sharpening in rip or crosscut profiles. I do not use machines in my shop...all of this work is performed by hand in the traditional manner. Prices include either rip or crosscut profiles. Custom filing with your choice of rake and bevel angles at no extra charge. 

Dovetail saws: (backsaws under 10 inches): $35
Handsaws (any size) and Backsaws (10 to 20 inches): $50
Miter saws: $75

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Filing: It is uncommon to find a vintage saw with well filed teeth, and as such, most old saws need some re-filing to define the correct tooth geometry before they can be properly set and sharpened. This process includes jointing, evening gullet depth, correcting rake angle an ensuring consistent tooth spacing and size.

For backsaws up to 20 inches: $25 to $100
For handsaws anysize and miter saws: $50 to $150

Re-toothing: For a saw that needs completely new teeth filed. Performed by hand and includes jointing down to the gullets and shaping new teeth.

For backsaws: $75 to $150
For handsaws: $125 to $250
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Saw Smithing: This is traditional work with hammer and anvil to correct bows, kinks and warping in the saw plate.

Removing bows and kinks: $20 for single kink or slight bow, $30 for two or more kinks, compound warping or heavy bows.
Removal/reinstallation of saw backs: $30 (includes removal of back and reinstallation to correct a warped toothline)

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Contact Us
All of my work is performed by hand. I do not use toothing or filing machines in my shop. All work is 100% guaranteed, no questions asked. To order any service, please use the 'Email Me' buttons or send a message directly to: [email protected]

March 10, 2023: I am currently taking in new work with a STRICT 2 saw per customer limit! Turn around time is currently 2 to 3 months. 
                                                                            - The SawWright

WARNING!! DO NOT USE styrofoam packing or popcorn if sending me saws for work!!