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Sharpening  Services

Sharpening: I do not use machines in my shop...all of this work is performed by hand in the traditional manner. Prices include either rip or crosscut profiles. 

Saw Smithing: This is traditional work with hammer and anvil to correct bows, kinks and warping in the saw blade.

Removing bows and kinks: $20 for single kink or slight bow, $30 for two or more kinks, compound warping or heavy bows.

Removal/reinstallation of saw backs: $30 (includes removal of back and reinstallation to correct a warped toothline)

All of my work is performed by hand. I do not use toothing or filing machines in my shop. All work is 100% guaranteed, no questions asked. To order any service, please use the 'Email Me' buttons or send a message directly to: [email protected]

March 10, 2024: I am currently taking in new work with a STRICT 2 saw per customer limit! Turn around time is currently 3 months. 

PLEASE READ THE FAQs page before contacting me about sharpening or repair services. 


New saws - If you purchased your saw new and it has never been sharpened before:
Dovetail saw: $45
Backsaw 10 to 18 inches: $75
Handsaw 20 to 28 inches: $75

Old saws - If your saw is old/antique and has been filed before:
Dovetail saw: $90
Backsaws 10 to 18 inches: $115
Miter saws: $175
Handsaw 20 to 28 inches: $175

Removing existing teeth, creating new teeth in any size/spacing, sharpening.
Saws up to 12 inches: $150
Saws 14 to 20 inches: $200
Saws 22 to 28 inches: $275